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Frequently Ask Question

It highly depends on the vehicle and factors. We can only give proper timing after checking the car.
PPF features all the coating benefits but provides extra protection, ease of maintenance, and self-healing against stone chips and scratches.
Any PH-balanced shampoo is fine. We would recommend hand wash only on washing your car to avoid damage to the PPF and its self-healing property.
Our Paint Protection Film incorporates layers of advanced top coating with super hydrophobic properties, so you don’t need any additional coatings.
Once the film is installed, it will last permanently and is backed up with a 6 years warranty.
We have a Precision Cutting System that offers the highest accuracy of pre-cut patterns without risking the paintwork to manual hand cut. It also consists of over 100,000 patterns available and one of the most comprehensive cutting software available globally.
This means that the film heals itself from swirls/fine scratches, cuts, etc., with the aid of heat elements.
We recommend having your car checked after one month of the PPF work to ensure the curing has appropriately occurred. After that, no check-ups are needed in the coming years unless you have a concern with your PPF.
5 years warranty is given from the date of purchase.
Yes, this is because even if a car is brand new and straight from a dealership, some minor scratches/swirl marks will be present on the paint.

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